Soil Amendments

Garden-Ville's specially developed soil amendments can be used to address specific soil deficiencies, serve as feedings between fertilizer applications, or improve the effectiveness of fertilizers.

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Anti Fuego

An orange oil-based formula designed to drench mound-building insects such as ants. Also an effective soil conditioner used for loosening clay or compacted soil.

1 qt bottle
1 gal bottle

Mycorrhizal Fungi

Naturally occurring fungi known to improve root growth, soil structure and plant establishment.

12 oz shaker


An iron, magnesium and potassium amendment used to address iron-deficient, high alkaline soils.

5 lb bag
Tree Car Fertilizer

Tree Care

A mineral-rich blend of biosolid compost, lava sand and granite sand. Improves the health of trees and woody perennials.

40 lb bag