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20% Vinegar

Effective and Non-Selective Herbicide

1 gal bottle

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20% Vinegar  (1 gal bottle) - Effective and Non-Selective Herbicide
20% Vinegar Effective and Non-Selective Herbicide

A horticultural vinegar designed to control weeds and unwanted grasses.



"In case you guys didn't know it, 20%, or even 10% vinegar does wonders at removing cement dust from windows of your cement truck."
– James (Arkansas)
"We've been using 20% acetic acid in our community organic garden to kill Canadian Thistle. It works very well; wet the leaves on sunny days kills it in a few hours. We cut the larger plants first and then spray the new shoots/leaves a few days later. This really is an easy and permanent solution."
– George (Oregon)
"I used the 20% vinegar in between my patio stones. About an hour after I sprayed (in direct sunlight), the weeds were yellow. The next day, I was able to sweep them out with a broom!"
– Heather
"It worked great. mixed it with orange oil and little bit of dish soap. It killed everything including the grass so you have to diluted it in half. otherwise it is great smelling."
– George
"20% Vinegar killed the weeds between the cracks in my brick driveway."
– K
"I use it to kill bamboo that comes over from my neighbor underneath the dividing fence."
– margot (oakland,ca)

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Garden-Ville's% Vinegar is an effective non-selective herbicide. It is not systemic and is safe to use around the woody trunks of shrubs, vines and trees.

Suggested Application Rates

Effective non-selective herbicide for lawn and garden use. It is not systemic and is safe to use around the woody trunks of shrubs, vines, and trees. Used for weed control.


Active Ingredient(s):
20% Vinegar

Inert Ingredient(s):

Product Warning:

KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. This product is not for human consumption. This product is veryidic and can cause eye and skin irritation. Should this product come in contact with your skin or eye, was thoroughly with water. THIS IS A VOLATILE PRODUCT! ALWAYS WALK OR FACE DOWN WIND WHEN APPLYING THIS PRODUCT.

This product has not been registered by the EPA. The producer represents that this product qualifies for exemption from registration under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act.