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Rocket Fuel

Formally 2-6-1

5 lb bag

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Rocket Fuel (5 lb bag) - Formally 2-6-1
Rocket FuelFormally 2-6-1
A complete fertilizer fortified with nutrients and minerals to promote healthy
growth and abundant blooms.


"I had a young stressed Live Oak that I was advised to use your product on. In a week it was green and showed no signs of stress. Since then, I use it on everything and the results are awesome!"
– Chris (Kingwood, TX)
"I repotted by dracena plant with one teaspoon of our Rocket Fuel. The stems thickened and the plant is now several inches taller. It is obviously much healthier!!"
– Brenda (Austin, TX)
"I can't say enough about rocket fuel, I use this to transplant all of my plants and I have not had any plants go into shock. Great stuff!"
– Michael (Converse)
"Wow! The name tells all! I have never had such a wonderful garden. We used a little bit of rocket fuel for each seed and transplant this spring, and I think it really made a difference!"
– Angie (New Braunfels, TX)
"I've recommended Rocket Fuel to all my gardening friends and now they love it as much as I do. It works better than anything I've ever used and I feel so good about growing organically."

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