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Nitro Gem

Formally Premium Lawn Fertilizer 7-2-2

40 lb bag

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Nitro Gem (40 lb bag) - Formally Premium Lawn Fertilizer 7-2-2
Nitro GemFormally Premium Lawn Fertilizer 7-2-2
A slow-release granular fertilizer designed to enrich soils in your landscape and promote lush, green growth.


"NOTHING has helped my St. Augustine out like this product. Thanks"
– Joy (Austin)
"You could not have come up with a better fertilizer. It runs through a spreader easily and has helped my grass out tremendously"
– Michael
"We live in new construction, and of course the builder did not put enough topsoil in our yard. After two years, the grass began to get patchy and brown. I did not want to use a chemical fertilizer, so I tried this. My three-year-old and I threw some fertilizer around the yard with coffee cups, and a week later you could really tell where we put it! The grass in those areas was BEAUTIFUL, lush, and green! I am definetly going to invest in a broadcaster and make it a habit to use this product!"
– Alyson

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